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 If you run Koppenburg Rd/Lazy Mtn area

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PostSubject: If you run Koppenburg Rd/Lazy Mtn area   Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:28 pm

If you run Koppenburg Roadin the Lazy Mountain area, there is an overzealous property owner at the northernmost point of that road, where the road/easement makes a 90 degree turn to the right. His name is Doug Coburn and I just want people to know they should NOT believe him when he tells you this is a private drive. (He posts a "private drive" sign 1/4 mile away from his property line, on public section-line easement.) After numerous civil but intrusive encounters (where he continually asks who I am and where I live) he overstepped a little further a few days ago, so I filed a trooper's report on him. It could help to know that for any future encounters.

Anyway, if you want further info, give me a call, but mainly just know that you don't have to take any flack from him. He has no basis for what he is saying.

Continuing along the section line around the corner past his house to the east, you will eventually come to some private easements, where you should probably turn around. But you will know when you get there, because the road deteriorates to a wide trail, and there are cables across the drives at those points.
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If you run Koppenburg Rd/Lazy Mtn area
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