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 New Earth Shoes for Sale! Good Deal! Never been warn.

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PostSubject: New Earth Shoes for Sale! Good Deal! Never been warn.    Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:52 pm

Brand New Earth Allure Caribou Suede Women's Size 7

I love the way these shoes look and they are supposed to be good on your achilles which is mostly why I bought them. I got them off the internet though because they are no longer making this style (which is my favorite) so Skinny Raven's didn't carry them. Since I bought them off the internet, I was unable to try them on before hand, so I had to learn the hard way that my feet are too wide Crying or Very sad .

$60? Send me a message if you're interested. If you type "Earth Allure Caribou Suede" into Google, you can see pictures of the shoe.

Hope you all are doing well!
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New Earth Shoes for Sale! Good Deal! Never been warn.
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