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 Swim Faster w/Less Effort

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PostSubject: Swim Faster w/Less Effort   Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:53 am

Swim Faster with Less Effort!

Dates: Every Saturday, starting April 17 - May 8
Time: 3:00-4:00pm
Location: Wasilla Alaska Club Pool
Cost: $60 Ak Club Members/$70 non members

To sign up: go to or call the Wasilla Alaska Club Front Desk at 907-376-3300.

Focus will be technique and include video taping above water and analysis of your stroke. We'll do lots of drills and have handouts so you can practice the drills on your own. Class will also cover turning, pushing off, and other tricks to decrease your swim time. Class size is limited so I can work with each person so you know exactly how to improve your stroke.

I'm also going to add an optional session for those wanting to cover things like training tips, tri prep, setting up transition zones, nutrition tips, and any other type of tri questions.

The class is great for new swimmers or triathletes wanting to swim faster with less effort.

My experience: I do triathlons and swimming is my strength. In fact, if triathlons were just swimming, I'd do great. I guess they call that "swimming." Anyway, I was on the High School swim team, but got way faster once I started learning the techniques I'll teach you. I realized how I learned to swim at the age of 5 is NOT the most efficient way to swim. In terms of competition, the farthest I've swam is 1.5 miles in the San Francisco Bay.

Carla Goldberg
Body Transformations Inc.
"Moving Bodies from Impossible to Possible"
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Swim Faster w/Less Effort
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