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 Matanuska Greebelt Signs--comments welcome!

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PostSubject: Matanuska Greebelt Signs--comments welcome!   Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:06 pm

Hi Everyone,

There are new signs being developed for the Matanuska Greenbelt Trails (MGT-- which includes Crevasse, Kepler-Bradley, UAF, and UA trails). Dot Helm is spearheading the effort and is behind the “BUY A POST” program. She has some preliminary, laminated signs already in place, but she is interested in receiving comments from users on how to make the signs as good as they can be.

You can post comments directly on the MGT webpage: in the “Discussions” section,

OR you can post your comments here. I will compile all comments and deliver them to Dot. I have already made some suggestions to her about the signs, many of which she has incorporated.

Please feel free to add your two cents! The more good ideas we have, the better the signs will be.

Thanks for your help.
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Matanuska Greebelt Signs--comments welcome!
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